What is Jquery?

Jquery is lightweight, feature-rich Javascript library with capabilities of all function of Javascript, CSS3 compliant and cross-browser support. It has collection of Javascript libraries. Professional websites may have animations, exhibit effects when visitors perform some actions like clicking, pressing keyboard, closing documents which generate some effects, AJAX capabilities etc.This is quite easy because of JQuery implementation in your website.

Write Less,Do More slogan.As developers has to write very less amount of codes to achieve the same function in comparison to Javascript itself, the slogan is quite appealing.

JQuery setup

You can setup JQuery in two ways. One is download JQuery file, unzip, save on the same location of HTML file and write script code to point the location of JQuery file. Second method is write source code of URL provided by Content Delivery Network(CDN). For both methods, go to

  • First method

    Once you are in Jquery home page, click download buttondownloadJquery
    Download uncompressed version if you are in development process, which means web site development is not completed yet. Download the compressed version of JQuery if development is finished and uploaded to host or for production. The compressed version will have less size and will consume less bandwidth, so this is preferred. And also, make sure download version JQuery 1.X, if internet explorer is old and download 2.X, if browsers are new. downloadJquery
    Once download is complete, unzip it using any unzipping software like winzip or winrar and write following code inside head tag of your HTML page. Save the file where HTML file is located. Actually, .min means minimized or compressed version and you can rename the file from jquery-1.11.0.min.js into jquery.js as well as per your comfort. The .js extension is mandatory as it means it is javascript file.
  • Second method

    In this method just copy and paste below link inside head tag. downloadJquery

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